Innovation Toolbox

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The innovator's toolbox

We found ourselves spending a lot of time figuring out which tools to use, when and where to find them. That's why we created the innovator's toolbox, a directory with our favourite lean and agile tools and templates.

Phase Goal Methods
Backlog Store and prioritize ideas.
Discovery Explore the context, empathize with your users, build a first vision for your challenge.
Problem-Fit Identify and validate the customer's problem.
Solution-Fit Create a number of possible solutions and validate both the offer and value.
  • Bodystorming
  • Prototyping
  • User observation
Market-Fit Identify the best market or segment to launch.
  • Engines of growth
    • Sticky engine
    • Viral engine
    • Paid engine
Scifi Solution is not technically feasible.
  • Technology assessment
  • Scenarios

More tools for action!

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